Egypt prepares for COP27 climate change conference

Following the UK’s turn to host the United Nation’s (UN) Conference of Parties in 2021, this year the world turns to Egypt – as the country prepares for COP27.

As world leaders accelerate their plans to achieve their net zero targets, the annual climate change convention from the United Nations provides an important moment to reflect on progress and make firm commitments for the future.

The world will be watching Sharm El-Sheikh

COP27 will take place in the country’s picturesque tourist region Sharm El-Sheikh, 6-18th November 2022. It’s a region of Egypt that’s packed with hotels and good flight connections, making it the ideal place for thousands of people to come together.

It’s also ideally located where Egypt’s beautiful coastline meets the stunning Red Sea, providing a poignant reminder of why it’s so crucial to make lasting climate change objectives.

The Conference of Parties

Each year the United Nation’s Climate Change conference brings together the five recognised UN regions, as Government officials and world leaders meet. Representatives from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean, Central, Eastern and Western Europe amongst others, attend the conference.

Climate change and net zero are at the top of the agenda, with various meetings and events taking place across the Sharm El-Sheikh Convention Centre and neighbouring buildings.

Split into two zones, the blue zone houses conferencing and exhibition halls, whilst the green zone provides a number of side events for the business community to come together. As well as engaging with youth, civil and indigenous societies.

At the heart of Sharm El-Sheikh’s plans are a continued commitment to make COP27 as sustainable as possible. This includes the use of renewable energy, water reuse, electric and natural gas buses to move delegates around, and the construction of 3 solar power plants. Helping to deliver a carbon-neutral conference.

The privilege of being a host country

For the Egyptian people, it’s a humbling experience to be able to welcome global leaders to come together and tackle climate change.

NRL’s Egypt Area Manager Hazem Ayoub joins the country in welcoming COP27.

“Egyptian organisations like NRL are excited about hosting world leaders for COP27. Across the business network there’s a great deal of pride – that we’re able to welcome UN representatives and Government officials from across the globe and show them how committed Egypt is to climate change.
For many years now NRL has been working with clients to help deliver the recruitment experience needed to bring large-scale renewable energy projects to life in Egypt, and it’s rewarding to see renewable energy developments being recognised globally for their net zero progress – including Ras Ghareb Wind Farm recently winning the ENR Global Best Project for 2022.
COP27 provides a great opportunity for Egyptian businesses to celebrate our growing renewable energy sector, alongside other important long-term climate change initiatives happening across the country to reduce emissions.
Egyptian business leaders watch with pride, as final preparations are put in place for Sharm El-Sheikh to take centre stage.”

NRL and Egypt

NRL has had a presence in Egypt for more than 15 years, with Area Manager Hazem based in our central Cairo office – working with regional and global engineering companies to provide recruitment and mobilisation services, together with a team of experienced colleagues.

Operating across the MENA region, NRL have supported a wide range of renewable, infrastructure and conventional power projects – engaging local workers and providing International Assignment Support (IAS) to mobilise skilled expat workers to help boost local skills and knowledge.

Find out more

To learn more about COP27, visit the website using the link below.

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