Social Value

Giving back, supporting our communities and operating ethically are key pillars on which the NRL Group have evolved. Because for us, success only means something if everyone benefits.

Supporting our people

We’re a people focused business – through the passion we have for working with our candidates and contractors to find rewarding work that best utilises their skills, to how we can continue to develop our businesses to allow us to welcome new colleagues into the NRL Group.

How we look after them is also a crucial measure for the NRL Group – including ensuring we’re paying our colleagues the real Living Wage as an absolute minimum, we’re providing financial and wellbeing services, as well as a workplace in which they can confidently and safely be themselves. We’re also committed to extending this care to our candidates and contractors, offering a wide range of welfare services to help them both inside and outside of work.

We also celebrate our NRL Group colleagues through long service awards, recognising their continued support with special holiday trips – something which we’re delighted to be able to do regularly as many of our colleagues across our business reach their long service milestones.

Supporting our planet

Engineering enables the world to develop, but it’s crucial to us that as we support global engineering projects, we consistently examine how we can operate in a sustainable manner. Looking at how we can lessen our impact on the planet, operate in an environmentally conscious way and strike the right balance.

As our support for the energy sector spans more than 40 years, we’ve continued to be right by our clients’ sides as they introduce new innovations to generate power in a cleaner, greener way. From supplying thousands of workers to fabricate offshore wind turbine jackets, to identifying transferable skills to recruit people into emerging power generation industries such as hydrogen and carbon capture.

The impact our own operations have on the planet is also a key factor in how we evolve our business. That’s why it was important to us to not only achieve the Carbon Neutral International Standard, but to look for ways to continue to reduce our footprint as we grow. Having now cut our carbon emissions by almost one third, we’re still working with dedicated Carbon Champions across our branches to identify further improvements.

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Supporting our communities

We’re connected to our local communities, because here at the NRL Group we’ve always felt that they should also benefit when we are successful by giving back to local causes, using our position to help drive forward initiatives and engage with local people.

Our regional teams, whether they’re based in the UK or overseas, are committed to working with their local communities – because places prosper when people work together. Whether that’s giving their time and skills to work with young adults to help them consider rewarding career paths or volunteering to help with the gardening at their local care facility. As well as adding their support to initiatives that help a diverse mix of people from across the community find work – such as working with prison ex-offenders and those looking for their next career move after serving in the armed forces.

People come from all walks of life – each with varied life stories, different social-economic backgrounds and personal challenges. For us though, it’s important that these factors are not barriers to the limit they can reach, and that we’re doing all we can to attract a wide and diverse mix of candidates, who feel roles are accessible to them and are supported throughout their time with us.

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