NRL backs #BuildBritishNuclear with Sizewell C Consortium

Technical engineering recruitment and contracting company NRL has thrown its support behind the drive to build British nuclear, by signing up to the Sizewell C Consortium.

The consortium, devised of nuclear and green energy leaders, has been created to support the planning application for Sizewell C – helping to secure a low carbon future and job prosperity for the UK.

Plans for two reactors at Sizewell C, Suffolk, will generate low carbon electricity to power over six million homes – as well as creating 25,000 employment opportunities and 1,000 apprenticeships across the supply chain. The project could see UK-based companies sharing an estimated £14bn in benefits, if plans for this clean energy power station are approved. Furthermore, the project will make huge steps towards the Government’s ambitious 2050 target to reach net zero carbon emissions.

With the Nuclear Industry Association reporting that 90% of nuclear roles are based outside of London and the South East, the commission of Sizewell C will have wide reaching benefits to help bolster the recovery of UK jobs and industry.

The consortium’s work is at a time-critical stage, as plans have been accepted for examination by the Planning Inspectorate. Whilst the construction stage is not expected to commence until 2022, securing the project could see up to £300m in work awarded in 2020 to help inject much needed capital into the British nuclear industry. Commenting on the importance of the consortium’s work, NRL’s CEO David Redmayne said,

NRL has seen first-hand for over 35 years the positive impact nuclear projects like Sizewell C have on Britain’s workforce.

Sizewell C will provide long-term career opportunities not just for existing nuclear workers, but for the entire supply chain – as well as opening doors for those new to nuclear new build.

Plans for this low carbon energy facility will not only support the UK’s ambitions to reduce carbon emissions, but deliver a local and national legacy that we can all be proud of.

There’s never been a more crucial time to secure the future of British nuclear as the Government considers the commissioning of Sizewell C.

David Redmayne, CEO, NRL Group

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