Social Responsibility

We’re proud to see corporate social responsibility naturally happening across our businesses, knowing that it’s because it is genuinely important to our colleagues.

Understanding our responsibility

We’re proud to have extensively grown our Group over the years, understanding that each time we open a new branch or division we’re putting down foundations in another region. That’s why it’s important to us to give back to those communities that keep our people safe and help our stakeholders to be successful. 

We’re led by our people

Listening to where they want to offer support, and the initiatives that are important to them. In support of this we offer our colleagues a charity support programme – to use a paid day to do something great for their community each year. This appetite to help local causes also keeps us busy, supporting and promoting the great efforts our people go to in support of what’s important to them.

Using our skills to help others

Our Recruitment branches help people find new roles and develop new skills every day. We understand though that for those new to, or re-entering, the job market getting that first step on the ladder can be challenging. That’s why our teams work in their communities to support local initiatives that help people seeking support – such as working in schools to prepare school leavers for job interviews and working with ex-services personnel to transition into civilian careers.

Proud to support the Armed Forces Covenant

We’re committed to ensuring our dedicated Armed Forces community receive fair and transparent treatment in their day-to-day lives, with no disadvantage. Whether we’re recruiting for colleagues to join our own Group, or supporting clients within our Recruitment operations – we’re an Armed Forces Friendly business, that recognises the great value and experience our service personnel have to share. In line with this, we’re delighted to have achieved the Armed Forces Covenant’s bronze award in their Employer Recognition Scheme.

The image to the right was sourced from the Open Government Licence Page.

All Together Cumbria

With firms roots in Cumbria that date back to our first office on Sellafield in 1983, we’re committed to supporting the local people. This includes our involvement in All Together Cumbria. Members of the social enterprise, including NRL, provide recruitment resourcing through a brokerage service – with profits generated reinvested to benefit the local community with long-term social and economic development. Funds raised support a range of activities where they’re needed most. This includes providing opportunities for disadvantaged groups and facilitating training opportunities to upskill people. Our Egremont Recruitment team are proud to play their part in this important community initiative.