Switching to energy saving lights this Christmas

This year we’ve been looking each month at changes we can all make to become more sustainable – from reducing our use of virgin plastic, to opting to use public transport to get to work.

The year long focus on sustainability and minimising our environmental impact, is something that’s prominent across NRL’s branches and clients – as our specially focused 2022 calendar is flipped over each month on desks up and down the country, with a new environmental focus each month.

Back in late 2021 when our Marketing team were preparing to send the calendar to print, they decided that November’s focus would be a great opportunity to look at how we can all save energy as we head towards Christmas.

Perhaps they were looking into a crystal ball or are experts in economic forecasting – but it comes as no comfort to know that as we now enter November 2022, saving energy is sadly much higher up the list of priorities for many families than we could have expected.

Whilst the Government and energy industry faces the bigger challenge of capping energy costs and making utility bills more manageable, we look at how switching your festive lights to a more environmentally friendly option could be a smart swap.

Switch to LED lights

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that switching all the bulbs in your home to LED (light emitting diode) lights could help reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 40kg per year. Something which they say is the equivalent of around 145 miles of driving a car.

With lighting usually accounting for 11% of electricity consumption within a household, on average, this typically increases when Christmas draws closer and people light up their houses with festive decorations.

Looking for LED light fixtures could help to curb lighting costs, whilst ensuring decorations remain bright and attractive.

Consider solar-powered alternatives

Another option when it comes to decorating the exterior of your home for the Christmas celebrations, is researching solar-powered options.

The warm glow that lights emit once they’ve naturally drawn power from the sun, are ideal for decorating trees in the garden, or lining the path to your door – without racking up your energy bill.

Seeking energy saving advice

If you’re looking for more impactful ways to save energy and help manage growing utility bills, then please do not struggle alone. Help is always on hand, including local and industry-based initiatives so it’s worth looking at the services available in your local area.

For people working within the construction industry, the Lighthouse Club provides a range of support which is completely free to access. Support for industry workers includes emotional, physical and financial wellbeing. Helping people gain access to emergency financial aid, state benefit entitlement, debt management and budgeting support.

If you, or anyone you know, requires urgent assistance then call the 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline on 0345 605 1956 (1800 939 122 in ROI) for a confidential and non-judgmental chat.

If you’re not ready to talk then text HARDHAT to 85258 (or 50808 in ROI) or download the free mobile app by searching for Construction Industry Helpline in your app store.

Find out more

To find out more about how we’re reducing our impact on the planet, click on the link below.

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