The ten-point plan to build a greener future

The Government has signalled the start of a green industrial revolution – pledging significant investment to develop a smarter future.

What is the Government’s ten-point plan?

portfolio of greener energy, building and infrastructure projects – helping to generate new jobs and addressing key topics such as cleaner energy generation, greener transport and environmental protection.

We look at what that will mean in more detail.

Point 1 – Advancing Offshore Wind

Plans by 2030 will see offshore wind capacity quadrupled. With aspirations to produce 40GW through offshore wind and 60% of spend invested back into the economy. To support the growth of this important sector, the Government is investing £160 million for modern ports and infrastructure to support manufacturing.

Point 2 – Driving the Growth of Low Carbon Hydrogen

Working with the industry to develop the production capacity for 5GW of low carbon hydrogen by 2030. Supported by a £240 million Net Zero Hydrogen Fund.

Point 3 – Delivering New and Advanced Nuclear Power

Significant investment in the next generation of Nuclear power generation. With up to £385 million planned investment through an Advanced Nuclear Fund. Enabling investment of up to £215 million in Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and extensive industry research.

Point 4 – Accelerating the Shift to Zero Emission Vehicles

Ambitiously bringing forward the move to zero emission vehicles some 10 years early – with the sale of petrol and diesel cars ending in 2030. Aiming to be 100% free of vehicle emissions by 2035. To support this, investment of up to £1 billion will go towards UK vehicle manufacturers and their supply chains.

Point 5 – Green Public Transport, Cycling and Walking

Continuing the focus on vehicle emissions by funding significant investment in public transport vehicles. Investing £120 million to put at least 4,000 zero emission buses on the roads and pledging funds to enhance and renew our rail network.

Point 6 – Jet Zero and Green Ships

A £15 million funded FlyZero project will study zero-emission aircrafts through extensive research and development. Whilst a £15 million competition will support the production of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). A further £20 million investment will develop a Clean Maritime Demonstration Programme to explore cleaner maritime technology.

Point 7 – Greener Buildings

In efforts to drive efficiency and greener energy into our buildings and houses, significant investment will be made in low carbon heating and heat pump manufacturing. Developing a new Future Home Standard and aiming to complete 600,000 heat pump installations per year by 2028.

Point 8 – Investing in Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage

Exploring the new Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) industry will provide opportunities to develop centre of excellences in this emerging energy source. Investment of up to £1 billion will create four industrial ‘SuperPlaces’ expected to be in Teesside, the Humber, North West, Scotland and Wales. Aiming to capture 10 Mt of carbon dioxide per year across the four sites by 2030.

Point 9 – Protecting our Environment

Conservation and restoration projects should see a £40 million Green Recovery Challenge Fund accessible to help boost biodiversity and address climate change. A six- year programme to discover innovative way to support flood and coastal defence will also benefit from a £5.2 billion investment.

Point 10 – Greener Finance and Innovation

None of this bold plan would be possible without extensive financial support from the Government. To support the green industrial revolution, they will raise research and development investment to 2.4% of GDP by 2027. With a range of grants and funding developed to support the supply chain across the net zero innovation portfolio.

We’re ready to play our part

As plans to accelerate our path to net zero begin to take shape, we’ll be working with our clients and contractors to identify the skills and industry expertise to make their strategic project plans reality.

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